About me

I’m a ukelele playing, swing dancing, Laura Marling fan who likes to dabble in science communication.

I finished my PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Melbourne in 2015. I spent the 5 years of my PhD trying, and failing, to replicate a tiny aspect of the chemical production line, of a fungus called ‘false smut balls’. I kid you not, that’s really what they’re called.

After my PhD I moved to Sulzbach Germany to start my post-doctoral studies with Bayer, where I’ve been working on throwing a spanner in the works of the chemical production line for various weeds.

During my post-graduate studies I developed a close relationship with a local primary school, where I did science outreach work for 3 years. I loved the creative work involved in preparing presentations and designing experiments, but most of all I loved answering the kid’s, often quite insightful questions

This blog is a project that aims to sate my desire for creative science outreach, I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.